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Monday to Friday, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Physical Therapy

Contact: (509) 654-7678
Fax: (509) 654-7679

Providing compassionate individualized care, our goal is to restore maximum function and return you to the quality of life you deserve.

Meet The Team:

Kristy Scott, DPT
Carol Stuhley, PT
Kristi Simmons, DPT
Natalie Begay, DPT
Liz Brueggemann, MPT; CSCS
Kayla Norwood, PTA
Amy Orvald, PTA
Steve Quinlan, DPT
Karen Rice, PT
Matt Rogstad, PTA

Personal Patient Care

We work with you through every phase of recovery and help you reach your goals. Each therapist will take the time to talk with you and make sure that you understand your condition and the plan of care to help you get back to being you.

What to Wear:

Upper Extremity: Tank tops and loose T- Shirts work best. This allows the therapist to be able to look at the area easily to help get a better idea about what is going on.

Lower Extremity: Shorts, yoga pants or loose sweats are preferred . The pants need to be able to be pulled up over the knee.

Tennis shoes work best for Therapy

What to Expect at the First Visit:

The first visit is where the Therapist has the chance to get to know you. The Therapist will ask you questions to help establish a therapy plan for you.

Therapy Specializing in Treatments for:


Cervical spine disorders
Lumbar spine disorders
Degenerative Conditions
Ruptured Discs
Spinal Fracture


Arthritic Joints
Hammer Toes
Complex Conditions

Joint Replacement and Reconstruction:

Any Sports Related Injuries